The Man I Married

Lately the days with my husband are spent together watching bad movies or walking our dogs, and are generally lazy. Winter weather in Colorado can be a bear, but we’re able to occasionally hit the trail for a hike with the dogs, or head up to the mountains to visit family. However! This Wednesday everything will be turned on its head as Isaac starts his junior year at Colorado School of Mines, where he’s diligently chipping away at a degree in environmental engineering. If I were a proper wife I’d say it was my pleasure to pick up the slack when school was in session because he’s working hard towards a better future for us. True, and I absolutely appreciate his dedication! But I’m not exactly proper, and honestly I dread the start of the semester.

Seriously Serious!

Life will become the familiar mess of finding time to keep up with all of the things adults must do since Isaac will be engrossed in math problems that give me an instant migraine. Everything else that may need doing falls to me.

Which, okay, fair enough right? He’s buried in homework from six classes and all I have to do is work 40 hours and keep the house clean! Shut up, Miranda, life isn’t so bad! No, it’s not bad at all, just busy. Luckily for me, I like to keep an every evolving schedule of who needs to be where or what needs to be done. I will be happily sharing my Keep It Together methods here, as I have an undying love of being ridiculously organized. (Also, let’s get the fact that I am meticulously and neurotically clean out of the way right now, and that laundry is my least favorite chore next to washing the dishes.)

In the non-Isaac department are animals. We have three dogs, two of which have some, er, issues with each other that are tediously being worked out. Then there is my four year old Arab gelding, who I have recently started under saddle in dressage. (We also have some fish, but they aren’t very exciting.) I am into photography, but am still learning and experimenting. Same can be said for DIY and crafty type projects, though somehow I ended up being decent at that without really trying. I chalk that up to beginners luck.

After spending a bit of time trying to decide where this blog “fits in”, I gave up. Dogs? Horses? Family? DIY? Photography? It’s going to be all of those things plus whatever else comes my way. You know, because that’s how life rolls.

About Miranda

A flailing attempt at keeping it all together while doing All The Things.
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  1. Yay – I’ll be following!

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